Friday, October 20, 2017

Experimenting with DIY Simple Marbling Ink/Paint Techniques

I'm a fan of swirly marble patterns and colours, and often use marbling techniques when working with clay and dough (especially in fancy doggy treats); however, I haven't dabbled much in the paint or dye techniques. With the pending excitement of moving to a new house next year I figure there's going to be plenty of opportunity for creating new decor as well as make-over/upcycle projects, so I thought I'd start with a few simple tests on inexpensive materials to see how the techniques work in practice before working with larger or more valuable materials. The verdict?  

Friday, October 13, 2017

Pressing Leaves and Branches for Thanksgiving/Christmas Crafts

My flower press is full of lovely leaves, stems, and petals once again. These pretties were gathered up for pressing and preserving this week.  I was gathering leaves and branches for upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts and posts, but of course a few flowers made it into my collection bowls as well. I can never resist!

Friday, October 6, 2017

DIY Custom Box Cushion Pet Bed Covers (Basket Inserts)

Today's DIY shares our two new box-cushion style pet bed covers, created as a guest collaboration with our partner blog, Dalmatian DIY.  Dalmatian DIY has a detailed series of DIY posts on creating you own custom pet beds, including how to make covers, inserts, and tips for keeping things easy and economical.  These beds were made using their box cushion bed cover technique, but tweaked a little to suit use as basket bed inserts. Instead of having a rear velcro closure on the boxing, these covers both have an envelope-style bottom panel, like an envelope pillow cover - very easy to sew and doesn't require any zippers, velcro, or buttons.