Friday, July 3, 2015

Six for Saturday or Sunday: Ruby Red DIY

As it is the first weekend of July, here is July birthstone inspired round-up of ruby red creativity for those of you celebrating July birthdays or just looking for some DIYs to try. These would also be great inspirations for some ruby (40th) anniversary creations or anything romantically red.

Looking for more creative ideas? You can try the past Six for Saturday (or Sunday) posts, searching the blog under the DIY type of your preference, or I also have a whole board full of of tutorials and DIY on Pinterest along with stack of other creative pins.  If you decide to make something fabulous or post something special this weekend, you are welcome to share here in the comments or post something over at Creativity Unmasked on Facebook. We are all about sharing so, on our page, a little bit of self shout-out is actively encouraged.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

DIY Fun with Pets: Dalmatian DIY and Pets in Charge

Hey there, festive furry friends! Just a little reminder that, following recent changes in our little blogging world, we are now posting at Dalmatian DIY and Pets in Charge if you are looking for pawsome pet DIYs! We had a great Canada Day celebration yesterday in our time zone (aren't we handsome?) and have just shared some purrfect ideas for a pet-friendly DIY Fourth of July. There are fun new posts all the time for crafty and creative pet-parents and animal lovers.  

Creativity Unmasked will continue to be our creative hub for crafty and small business posts of all varieties, but Dalmatian DIY will take on the dog recipes and crafts for all of you who wanted more doggy DIYs (thanks for your survey feedback!) and Pets in Charge will share fun for pets and pet-lovers of all sorts. Add them to your reading list and keep an eye on our great reads (right sidebar) for fresh new furry fun.  

The pets would LOVE for you to join their antics on Facebook, at Dalmatian DIY and/or Pets in Charge.

Look tasty? Fund our Tuna Shortbread Dog Cookie recipe here.