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Monday, February 27, 2017

Help Wanted: Designing and Planning a Craft Area/Room

It feels like only yesterday that I posted a Help Wanted request for ideas on wrangling my craft supplies when we moved into our current house and now I'm asking again.  Why? I looks like moving is once again on the horizon.  More excitingly, we're planning to build this time around. :)  So, dreaming hats on, crafty pals!  I would love your help!  I am looking for ideas/inspiration and would be every so grateful for your suggestions and any links you would like to share in the comments (or on our Facebook page). As always, Creativity Unmasked is a sharing place, so if you've shared your own craft room makeover or have an awesome Pinterest board, dropping your own  link is completely fine. :)

What would you dream crafting space look like?  Mine would be big and bright craft room, with plenty of room for storage and working.  Of course, in reality, that's not really going to happen for me (unless perhaps a lotto win is also on the horizon), so I'll be planning a crafty nook in a shared space.  Your favourite (and/or least favourite) things about your current crafting space?  The one thing you would change or add, if you could?

With a small and shared workspace, I'll need to be clever about organisation and storage - I have a giant stash of craft supplies and such!  What are your favourite craft supply storage tips?

Of course, although things are focused on the crafty and creative here on the blog, there is a whole house to dream, plan, plot, and eventually decorate and organise so general home ideas/inspirations are also welcome.  Thanks for your help! 

P.S. Happy (almost) Pancake Day!  We wish you all a most delicious Tuesday! Check out today's post at Dalmatian DIY for some serious pancake cuteness:


  1. I dream of having one of the craft cupboards that look like an armoire with the perfect storage places slots boxes hooks etc for everything. In my dream it is also always perfectly neat and perfectly organized even when I'm using it. Ha! It is my someday wish to have a cupboard like that.

    1. They do look amazing, don't they? And so organised! :) My sister-in-law sent me the link a year or two back and I actually looked into buying one but they aren't (or weren't at the time) available here.

  2. If I could change one thing I'd add more space for storing supplies out of sight so things could all have a place and my craft corner would look like less of a disaster. My dream room would have endless cupboards.

    1. I'm with you there! I never seem to have enough space and have explosive craft disaster zone issues too. :)


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